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Why would I turn a client away? Shouldn’t I be thinking about my business and cash flow? I was.

In coaching, our focus with clients is to look forward, into their future. We do not necessarily address issues as a counsellor might, who tend to focus on the client’s past and “fix” issues that may arise.

Last week, I had an Introductory Session with a new client. As the session developed, I began to realise a pattern in their language and what they thought was stopping them achieving their goals. I find, a common trait among those who may require the attention of therapy/counselling are adamant on always having intensely detailed plans to get to the next step, however when they do, their energy dissipates as time goes on. The developed plan is a crutch in disguise, in the hope they can stay focused on the end goal, but provides little freedom or enjoyment along the way. In the end, the result will not be fulfilling.

This client believed that more and more planning was needed for them to get to their goal, however digging deeper throughout the call, we soon realised that there was an issue from the past, unresolved, causing poor communication with their partner and peers. The longer the issue went unresolved, the less they felt in control, and were grasping at plans for some sense of control.

Going further coaching with a client like this could have been possible, however, the result would be temporary and not genuinely beneficial to the client long-term. The underlying issue was blocking the path to their success, which may have been difficult to see from the onset as they explained their lack of motivation, and were adamant they needed more and more goals, plans and targets.

Once this internal roadblock became apparent, I knew a coaching space wasn’t going to serve them best. In the future when all issues are resolved, it certainly could, when they can give their whole being to the task at hand.

To finish the Introductory Session with the client, I listened intently to their points and stories throughout, ensuring I was making the best decision for them, and provided contacts to counselling/therapy services should they decide to go that route. We built a strong connection over the call and it was gratifying to see they felt comfortable enough to share their whole experience throughout the session.

I do believe this client was given the best possible service in the moment, guided on a path that serves them best. Who knows, when the time is right, they may return!

Knowing Another Is Knowing Thyself.

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