Oliver MulvinMedicine Student

“After spending months feeling perplexed and indecisive about my career path and college course, I found Gary. Collected, present and honest are not only words I’d use to describe Gary, but also how he made me feel throughout the session. He wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and I felt secure opening up to him. I left the session feeling optimistic, excited and completely trusting my judgement to chose the path that is most true to me. My session with Gary gave me a sense of clarity that I couldn’t find elsewhere. For that reason, I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation!”

Cheryl Byrne  Breakup Coach

“Working with Gary has been a very enlightening and thought-provoking experience. I went to Gary with one specific goal but through our sessions, we ended up exploring different aspects of both my personal and professional life. He encouraged me to look at my life from different perspectives and this has opened up many opportunities which I would not have seen on my own.

Gary has led me to discover more about myself and to take action to move me forward. I would highly recommend working with Gary, he is a warm, caring person with a genuine passion for helping others see their true potential.”

Padraic KilleenIrish Dancing Champion and Secondary School Teacher

“Had a fantastic session with Gary. I had trouble getting a balance between work and life. He gave me some really useful techniques to help me prioritize, relax and effectively manage my time to achieve the various goals I have. I must admit I was skeptical before our session but I have gained so much from Gary and couldn’t be more thankful for all your help!”

Sarah McLoughlinMusical Theatre Performer and Marketing Executive

“Gary is honest, genuine and passionate about guiding his clients to find their authentic path in life. I truly believe he was born to be a coach and to share his natural talent with those lucky enough to find him. After my session with him, I leave feeling positive and limitless in my pursuits. Thank you for everything so far, Gary. It really is a gift to know you.”

Emmet McDonnellProfessional Photographer and Content Creator

“I had a number of life coaching sessions with Gary which I found incredibly helpful for my personal and working life. I was always made to feel at ease during the sessions and found it easy to talk to him. I come away from each one with eye-opening realisations and new goals which I could put into practice. I made little steps each week which made a huge impact on my everyday life and has continued to develop positively. I highly recommend Gary for anyone out there seeking that boost or clarity of mind.”