Blog – Ziràn, So Of Itself

Many moons ago, I found myself quite lost. Probably because I thought I had a self, or was my self.

This, of course, was the ego, and boy was mine strong.

It came to a peak in my late teenage years. I was enjoying great success in my sporting life (golf), but at an expense. I dedicated my soul to this sport, which may have saved me. I was fighting off the notion that I might be gay, and the golf obsession was a good distraction, easily played off as dedication.

After some time and much searching inside myself, I began to look at self-help gurus. I wanted to stand on the shoulders of giants. I first found Tony Robbins, who helped me discover planning, goal setting, strategy and so on. I felt like I had control, but I still wasn’t in tune with my soul on a deeper level.

Eventually, I shifted from the “shouting” of pushing oneself, to a softer spoken human by the name of Alan Watts. An accidental discovery on YouTube became one of the most influential pivoting moments of my life. Alan spoke right to my core. There was no more hiding.

This was the beginning of my wonderful path, back to my true raw self.

I began life coaching training in 2019 and my only intention is to share my discoveries with you.

ziràn – so of itself – tao te ching


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