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Deep Coaching – Understanding the client and finding their way, versus a traditional methodical approach which can lack consideration for the person behind the goals.

Coaching was not something I had ever intended on embarking on whilst growing up. However, in overcoming many obstacles in my own life over the years, I feel like I have some value to bring to those who find themselves in similar situations, looking to discover a path that is true to them.
One approach I like to take in my sessions is “going deep”, or I sometimes like to call “Deep Coaching”. This involves a no-method approach to helping the client. There is no focus on a target or destination, only an intense focus on the here and now. This method I believe brings out the true nature of the client, becoming real with one another through powerful questioning. The right answer and way forward always arises naturally from here.

As a coach, I make it a top priority that each client is discovering the clearest, most rewarding path forward, which is dependant upon finding the present state during sessions. Using different questioning techniques, we are able to discover what exactly the client came to the session for; often times this does not align with the original intended goal, which is ok – in fact, this can be the most valuable discovery, often cutting out days/months/years of wasted time seeking something you never truly wanted. It is quite common to discover, using powerful questioning, the client’s original goal was rooted in ego, or insecurity, aiming to please another person or trying to prove worth.

Deep Coaching shines a light on all of these ego-based motives, ensuring the client follows a path that is healthy and true to them, only. If there are underlying issues that do not require counselling, we can address these, so they do not hinder your actions and goals into the future.

Deep Coaching can be a slower process, compared to typical coaching styles of assuming the client’s goals are in alignment with their true self. However, deep coaching can certainly be the most rewarding, as the client knows they have struck gold and are moving forward on the right path. This makes many processes run smoother; results come faster and easier, driven by a process that brings true joy and reaching goals that ring true to the client as a person.

Moving forward for the sake of “growth” is never the aim with Gary Shaw Life. Deep styled coaching involves tough, honest questioning and ensures every client moves forward, on a path true to them.

Deep True Valuable Coaching

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