Blog – Quarantine and Quality Time

Many people across Ireland and indeed the world, are facing some degree of lockdown in their area.

Whilst this is an important measure from a global health perspective, it can become a very tedious and isolating task for those involved, however, it also presents many valuable opportunities.


Embrace this alone time. With additional time to be alone with yourself, you can clear away any unnecessary distractions from your surroundings. Create your space of total clarity, peace and oneness. Embrace your thoughts, and invite them forward. Turn off any distractions, like music or tv. Allow stillness back into your daily life.

Embrace Safe Technology

Embrace technology and keep connected. Setup a Skype account or equivalent. And organise a call every day with people you care about. This is a safe method of communication and allows you to remain connected with those you love the most, without putting anyone in danger.

Tidy Up

Tidy your workplace. As this period may become less busy, simply because people are not spending as much, leaving the perfect opportunity for you to get organised! Clear out your desktop (including the one on your screen!), organise your bedroom/home (this is an easy task particularly when your headspace is also organised/clear). This will make you more efficient when business begins to pick back up.

Tune In

Get in touch with your body, and being. Throughout this isolating period, you will be keeping a close eye on your overall health and will naturally begin to tune into the rhythms of your body and understand it better. Try exercises in your home, like yoga (you can find excellent free tutorials on YouTube), discover what parts of your body thrives and struggles, work on your flexibility and overall body awareness.

Refocus Your Path

Gain insight on your career path. Sometimes the hamster wheel needs to stop, for you to be able to take a step back and realise you’ve been on the wrong wheel all along (or the correct one!). Powerfully reassess, looking at how far you have come in your current role and career. Now, envision your life should you continue on this current path. Is your life in 5, 10, 20 years time a happy one? Readjust accordingly. In a situation of change like this, working with a life coach will be invaluable. If you are unsatisfied with your current role, take this excellent opportunity to research your next move and options. Who knows, you might land an interview throughout the break! Let this be your fresh start, a reset.


The WHO stated that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation is now a global “pandemic”. It is very important we listen to health officials, governments etc throughout this worldwide effort in reducing the effects of this virus, until a vaccine or tested medicinal options are introduced.

Should you require life coaching services throughout this period, it is strongly advised you consider the session be carried out by video call if possible, helping reduce the level of human contact and spreading the virus. If you do plan on meeting face to face, keeping a distance between coach and client would be recommended, ideally 6+ feet and refrain from any unnecessary physical contact eg handshaking.

Coaching At Gary Shaw Life

Unprecedented times like this once in a generation novel Coronavirus, presents us with many challenges and uncertainties. However, when precautions are adhered to, there are also many opportunities hidden behind a disruptive period like this pandemonium. You may book your next life coaching session with Gary Shaw Life by filling out this short form. Book your free introductory session and be confident coaching with Gary Shaw Life is right for you.